Timba and Boots

Updated July 20, 2013 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 20/7/13

Boots and Timba


Timba and Boots have now found a home together !!

progress update: 3/7/13

Just given Timba a bit of a clip (not professional ) her coat was so thick she was struggling with this heat!

Cannot believe how good these two are she just stood there whilst I clipped her,
Boots has had his beard trimmed


Timba has the nickname mamma bear as she goes around picking up the toys after the other dogs,
Boots is sleepy bear as he falls asleep all the time.
Took them to the safe play area at Slade’s Farm and what a great time they had,
they chased and played with lots of different dogs,
these two are very well socialized and very easy little dogs,
travel well and crate trained



These two are sadly a pair that need to stay together as she relies very much on him.
They are absolutely not trouble together though and actually so cute it would be a shame to part them
They are around 3 years old
Fully vaxed and neutered/spayed
Both are good with other dogs and mix with them
Timba is absolutely NOT good with chickens and ducks
Good with children
Don’t know about the “good with cats”.
Good on the lead now and loves “walkies”.
They are very cute and love cuddles and they play very well together, and they will need to be rehomed together
They are not particularly timid