Ludo ( a.k.a Tommy) & Mossie

Updated August 3, 2018 Categories: DAWGDOGS NEEDING A HOME !!, dogs, progress updates.

progress update: 12/08/2018

Tommy has now found a home !!

Tommy (now Ludo) is such a treasure.
We already love him deeply.
Thank you so much for this one clever bundle of joy

Due to an unfortunate change in family circumstances Tommy has been very reluctantly returned to the Rescue and we are now looking to find him a new home

Mossie has now found a home !!

progress update on Tommy: 10/06/2018

Helen, just wanted to let you know that Tommy is doing really well!
He’s great at puppy training and now knows sit, lay down, stay, leave it and come.
He’s also built up quite a lovely friendship with one of our cats in particular!

Mossie – Well what a totally gorgeous Collie Mossie is.
Now five months old and already sitting before being stroked and fab off lead from first off lead walk.
Clean in house and just loves other dogs and all people he meets.
Intelligent and quick to learn and would suit an active family or agility home.

Tommy has now found a home !!

progress update: 21/04/2018

Daphne who is fostering Tommy and Mossie is doing a fantastic job with them.
She can’t use her living room anymore because they have taken it over…

They are both very quick to learn and already know sit and off.
Tommy is very amiable and plods along beside Daphne on a walk where as Mossie is all over the place and around her legs eager to smell everything.

Tommy and Mossie have been kept in a dark outhouse and only let out occasionally.
They are 12 weeks old Collies and like all puppies full of life and enjoying it to the full in their foster home where they run in the garden,
get up on the furniture uninvited and generally cause the mayhem puppies do.
Lovely that they now can run , play and enjoy the sunny days.