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progress update: 31/01/2019

Trusty and Callie, best of mates, in the best place,
thank you so much Helen, without DAWG we would never have known and loved these two, xxxx

progress update: 22/07/2017

I am soooo over joyed, we adopted Trusty 10 months ago,
he was a pound dog so his history was unknown, he has never been interested in toys, balls or any thing like that,
he just loved to run…….
I brought home a new toy for our other dog so got him one as well, cant leave him out can I…..
well after 10 months of love and affection and a forever home… he has finally got the hang of playing…
he has not put the toy down, he’s got it in his mouth and taking it every where,
I feel this is somthing of a huge milestone of normality, I am so happy for him.
Just thought if I share this here you lot would understand just how happy this has made me…..

progress update: 27/05/2017

Trusty, on holiday, driving the camper, he is a beautiful dog,
so glad we adopted him, its been 9 months now and he has settled in so well,
best decision we have made in ages.

Trusty has now found a home !!

Trusty was abandoned and came into us as unclaimed stray.
He is fostering at Geoff’s with several other dogs and getting on very well with all of them.
Kelpie one of Geoff’s dogs can be a bit bossy with new arrivals but Trusty did not react apart from to hide behind my legs.
Typical laid back , gentle Lurcher nature.