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progress update: 22/07/2016

Wilbur has now found a home !!

Thank you to everyone who offered Wilbur a home and apologies if we have not been able to phone you to let you know that Wilbur now has a home.
There were so many of you that offered a lovely home and life to him but in the end events this week decided it for us.
Marilyn and Mike who have helped the Rescue for many years tragically and suddenly lost Willow who they adopted two years ago.
Willow had an undetected rare blood disorder and she rapidly became very ill and was unable to be saved.
We felt that Wilbur would have a fantastic home with them and it would also bring some sunshine back into their home and life.

We have many dogs all equally as lovely as Wilbur that still need a home

Lovely Wilbur has just arrived at the Rescue.
He is an 11 week old Labrador puppy