Marley, Cookie & Alice

Updated April 9, 2019 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 09/04/2019

Happy Gotcha Day Cookie
We adopted Cookie from DAWG Dogs 8 years ago today!

progress update: 03/04/2018

We adopted Cookie from you 7 years ago today.
It seems like only yesterday.
She loves her walkies and playing with her DAWG Dogs brother Marley and sister Alice.

progress update: 10/01/2017

Alice, Cookie and Marley wanted to wish DAWGdogs a Happy New Year!
(This is one of the rare photos of the three of us together)

progress update on Cookie: 4/8/15

Happy Birthday to our crazy spaniel Cookie.
She turns 5 today.
We adopted her over 4 years ago from DAWG dogs.

progress update: 3/3/2015

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Marley.
We adopted Marley three years ago today (March 2)
Can’t imagine what our life wold be like without him.

progress update: 3/4/14

Happy Anniversary to Cookie.
We adopted her three years ago today from DAWG Dogs!

progress update: 16/3/14

I can’t believe it was two years ago that we adopted/rescued Marley.
Seems like he has been part of this family forever.
He is always happiest when he has a ball

progress update: 1/1/13



progress update: 17/12/12

We just wanted to share a photo mom took of us today for Christmas.

Wishing you and the entire DAWG Dogs family a Merry Christmas.

Cookie (adopted April 2011) & Marley (Adopted March 2012)

Marley has now found a home !!

progress update: 16/6/12

progress update: Marley and Cookie practicing their green cross code.

Marley in his new home already best friends with Cookie another DAWGdog!

This is Marley he arrived today, he is a lovely crossbreed about four years old.
He has been the perfect gent so far enjoying a fuss, not at all bothered by the cats or other dogs.
Walks nicely on the lead.
I will write again when I know him a bit better.