Spot (a.k.a Ollie) and Sparky

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Spot and Sparky have both now found a homes!!

progress update on Sparky: 20/7/12

Hi Helen,

Just a quick email to say thanks very much for all your help today and
to let you know that Sparky has settled in at his new home ok so far –
he’s had a nice few runs around the garden this afternoon with his
rabbit – he wasn’t keen on watching the golf on tv but prefers the
wool carpet!!! :-)

Andy and Julia

progress update on Sparky: 12/7/12

Hi Helen, thought I would update you some more on Sparky.

Sparky is such a lovely boy, he has settled into family life really
quickly. He has learnt to sit and wait for his meals and will go in
his crate when told. We have no problems with him at night, as he
sleeps in the hallway with our dog Maddie. He loves being with Zak 5
and Aden 3 years, Zak has been training Sparky to sit and go down.
Once he has someone to spend the time training him, he can most
probably go onto do agility.

Sparky loves going on walks over the playing fields where he can run
and play with other dogs. I have taken him by the roads which he isn’t
too keen on but he is getting there.
All he wants is a home where he can get lots off fussing, cuddles and
love, Oh and not forgetting food, food, more food, chews and treats.

That’s all for now, Kim x

progress update on Spot: 7/7/12

Ollie (aka Spot) Has settled very well over the last 24 hours.
Almost like he’s been here a while!
He has been clean and dry and was perfect last night.
Took to his bed at 11:30 and we didn’t really hear from him again (apart from a growl at the cat!) until we went to him this morning.
He was very pleased to see us and his whole back end wags (not just his tail!)
He was not as pleased to see the rain though as it appears he dislikes that as much as we do.
He’s already enjoying fetch with the ball and will patiently sit before each throw.
He is an absolute delight and I’m sure we’re all going to be really happy together :o)

progress update on Sparky: 29/6/12

This is Sparky, he is looking for his forever home.
Sparky is very good with my two boys 5 & 3yrs.
He is picking up commands really
quickly, sleeps all night and is clean.
He is such a lovely boy who wants cuddles and lots of love.

progress update on Sparky: 23/6/12

Hi Helen, here’s a quick update on Sparky.

Sparky has settled in really well, he is great with children and does get very excited in the mornings when the boys come down the stairs, so does need reminding that paws stay on the floor.
He gets on well with Maddie and wants to play most of the time with her, so I do have to put him in his crate at times just to calm him down.
We have no problems at night, he has learnt that even though Brian gets up to go to work at 5.40am, he just goes out for a wee then straight back to sleep till I get up at 6.45am.

He is picking up commands quickly, he now sits and waits for his meal to be put down and told he can have it, also to leave Maddie alone while she finishes hers (as she’s a little bit more slower and doesn’t inhale hers.)
He likes to follow me around and will lay behind you if stood still for too long!

Whoever takes Sparky home will have a never ending supply off Love and Cuddles.

That’s all for now Kim x

progress update: 16/6/12

Gorgeous Spot has come to stay with us!
What a super little chap!
An absolute bundle of loveliness.
Will update more soon!

Hi Helen,

I have attached some photo’s of Spot and Sparky, which is very hard when they wont sit still.

Spot is the bigger off the two, he has a small white mark on the back off his neck and a white tipped tail and right front paw is mainly white. He is the more confident one, and will try and take toys or food away from Maddie.
Sparky is more timid and slightly smaller then his brother, he has a front left right paw with black spots. He’s not too sure about taking food from us, so we have to put it on the floor for him.

They love attention, like all puppies do. They especially like my youngest as he’s the right height for them to jump up and lick his face. There first night here, they slept from 10pm to about 5.45am when Brian got up to go to work, so naturally I had to get up too. They slept in the hallway with Maddie, but I have put the cage up to shut them away as all they and Maddie want to do is play, also they can put their paws on the table and try to eat with us.

Spot I think will train up really quickly, but Sparky will need to be coaxed out off his shell, as he’s more a bit more nervous.

Will update again soon, Kim x

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Comment on June 5th, 2012.

Hi, what breed are the puppies? Are they boys/girls?


Comment on June 6th, 2012.

They are a mixture and there is one girl and two boys.

Karen Mackenzie
Comment on June 21st, 2012.


We are looking for a female puppy to grow up with 2 friendly boys who are lucky enough to have a big garden to play in! Our boys are 9 and 5 and spend lots of time outside. Is the brown and white puppy above a girl? I gues we are looking for a medium size cross of some kind….

Comment on June 24th, 2012.

Hello, Halle the tan and white puppy has gone to a home. We do have more puppies and other older dogs coming into to us soon. Two of these puppies are girls.

Comment on June 29th, 2012.

Hi my name is Angela, we are looking for a smallish dog, not to young, my husband has altheimers and loves dogs so we need a dog that is pretty well trained we also have a ginger tom cat who is very fiesty, this seems a lot to ask but if you could find a dog to fit us it would get and lot of love and be very well looked after. thanks

Comment on June 30th, 2012.

Hi Angela, Please phone the rescue to talk to me about your needs. We have several smaller dogs coming into the rescue.

Emily and wyn
Comment on July 9th, 2012.

Hello Helen, we have been admiring the lovely photos of Sparky. we were wondering what he is crossed with and how old he is. We are experienced dog owners and have recently (march) lost our springer, we are looking for a another friend to fill the huge gap he left behind.

Comment on July 9th, 2012.

Hi, Sparky is four months old and his mother is a Collie we don’t know who his father is but he is mostly Collie. If you would like to phone the rescue we can have a chat about him.