3 dogs with disabilities needing help

Updated February 11, 2011 Categories: Appeals from other rescues.

Alfie is currently living in a vacant house with people going in to feed and walk him. He’s a male SBT approx 6 years old. He was found straying on boxing night outside a night club in the freezing cold. Some kind people carried him home and warmed him up and he eventually stopped shivering. Unfortunately these people could not keep him and he was taken to the pound. He was not claimed and was due to be PTS until we stepped in and saved him. He has seen our vet and it appears that he may have been hit over the head with a sharp object and due to this he has lost some sight in his right eye and walks like he is a little bit drunk. He does not need any extra medical care due to this and it should not impact upon his overall quality of life or his life expectancy. He now needs to find his forever home where he will be pampered and loved. He is a calm, sweet natured boy who loves his comfy beds and his chews. He enjoys short walks and is very well behaved as he is housetrained and is non-destructive when left alone. He is ok with dogs he meets on walks but would benefit from being the only dog of the household and he is not fond of cats. He is such a special boy who has not had a good start in life but he will make someone a fabulous loyal and loving dog…can you offer this boy a loving home?

Trigger is currently in kennels. He’s a 15 month old mastiff cross, he came from a home where his owner was told he was not allowed pets in the accommodation. He contacted a local dogs home but they said they would pts trigger due to his epilepsy so we agreed to take him. He is a friendly, calm lad who has lived with children. He loves to play with other dogs but we do not know how he would be with cats. Trigger’s epilepsy is well controlled with his medication and this costs approx £6 per month. He is such a soft boy and he is so miserable at the kennels.

Bruno is currently in a foster home. After recovering from being ill and putting on much needed weight he seems a happy, contented Dog. It was quite difficult at first as he would not stop barking throughout the night at bedtime. He needed the toilet excessively (mostly doing it in the house) and walked round in circles.

Now however he tells me when he wants something by touching me with his nose. He doesn’t mess in the house now but still needs fairly frequent visits for the loo. We have an agreement at bedtime that he sleeps on the sofa…where it’s comfy instead of being locked in the kitchen. He hates being locked in a room but it was necessary at the time because of toilet issues.

Bruno has a good appetite! I make sure the meat is well mixed in with biscuits otherwise like most Dogs he picks out the meat & leaves Biscuits.
He is very good on or off the lead, when off the lead he stays to the right side of me and go’s off for little sniffs & runs (on the open field) when he feels like it. He has a good, easy pace & doesn’t pull. Although Bruno’s age has been put down as 10yrs I don’t think he is that old…..for one his teeth are in excellent condition. Two he is a strong muscular Dog and now his weight has been regained & no longer ill he looks younger. I’d say he’s more about 8.5yrs.

Bruno likes to try and play with other Dogs when he gets the chance, though being blind he can’t chase them effectively. Although he hasn’t been vicious with my Cats any reaction and he’s on the case, trying to corner them. So, not really suited to a home with Cats. On the other hand Bunny’s don’t bother him he just likes to sniff them. He enjoys a game of tag & chase aswell whilst we are out. I can leave Bruno in the house for several hours when necessary as he is non destructive and he knows I’m coming back. Doesn’t seem to have a problem with loud bangs (farmers shooting) but can’t say in regards to fireworks.

To sum it up he is a big softy but doesn’t realise his weight when he jumps onto your lap and appears to be very stable & confident. He doesn’t ask for much just as long as he’s fed, walked, greeted and has a nice comfy bed & the occasional tug of war with his prized rope. Another canine companion would make his life contented.

All dogs are in the Merseyside area

Contact: Steph Taylor

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