Updated June 8, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 20/06/2014

Alfie has now found a home !!

Unfortunately, the lady Alfie went to live with has had a fall and cannot keep him.
So, he is now looking for a home again.
Below is one of his updates from the home he went to live in and who cannot keep him any longer.
We would like to home him straight from the home he is presently in so he doesn’t have too much disruption.


Happy to say that Alfie has settled down really well.
He is such an affectionate little fellow.
At first he was a little bit scared of people but when he gets to know them he’s really pleased to see them. Still pulls a bit on the lead but is gradually slowing down.
The one thing which he is scared of is traffic but I’m working on that.
He loves playing with a tennis ball and rolling around on the lawn
As you can see, he has taken over the bed with his favourite toy.
Don’t you think he looks smart in his new harness?

He loves every one and everything, dogs and humans alike, travels well, sleep quietly in his crate at night, this little chap has a rough start and is now looking for lots of love and fuss, could use a little refresher on training

Alfie is turning out to be a loyal faithful little chap who just need his very own person to dote on and love and he will give it back in bucketfuls