Nero ( a.k.a Zero the dalmation X with no spots )

Updated June 3, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed, Tales of Dastardly Dogs.

progress update: 03/06/2014


Many of the dogs we have in foster homes commit dastardly deeds such as chewing up shoes and phone chargers, scratching doors and nicking items of washing to drag around the garden.
Zero’s parting shot the evening before going to his new home may even beat Mutley’s most dastardly deed.

This is what he did :-

Geoff had been out for his teatime meet up and drink with his friends that hold Parliament at the Pub.
Later on feeling warm inside and a little tired after a hard day looking after six dogs and a horse plus a couple of hours spent deciding how the country should be run, he fell asleep on the chair in the kitchen.
On waking up he rubbed his face and realised to his surprise that his false eye had fallen out !!
He looked all around the floor before he found something in Zero’s bed that was once Geoff’s false eye but no longer something he would want to put back in, as it was now to say the least, not quite the right shape with a few bits of it missing and covered in slobber !!

The Doctor on being told this tale of woe said he had heard of dogs eating homework but never an eye.
Geoff is now awaiting delivery of a new one…..

Nero has now found a home !!

progress update: 04/05/2014

progress update : 3/2/14


Zero has arrived at the rescue through no fault of his own.
He has come from a loving home but unfortunately due to a change in family circumstances, was being left for very long periods.
This has made Zero a little on the anxious side but is fine left for short periods.
He has not been destructive in his foster home.
He settles well at night and is house trained.
Zero is 10 months old and an extremely handsome chap.
He measures about 24” and will possibly grow a little more.
He knows basic commands and is quite food orientated so will be easy to bring on.
Zero will benefit from further training and socialisation.
We have introduced a halti and he walks beautifully with this.
He is an extremely energetic dog and will need a couple of walks a day.
He has been running in his foster home and would happily run the London Marathon twice!
Zero is due to be neutered next week and he is up to date with his vaccinations.
He is a very friendly boy and has come from a home with young children.


Zero has just arrived at the Rescue and is looking for a home.
This handsome baby is 9 months old, a Dalmation x (No spots, thus Zero!)
He is has lived with very young children, very friendly and playful with other dogs. More information to follow once he has settled in to his foster home with Ozzie and Taylor.