Stella (a.k.a Apple)

Updated August 27, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 27/08/2020

A big Hello from me Stella AKA Apple,  just to say I’m having a great life thanks to you at DAWGdogs
I’m spoilt rotten and have two pals I live with so thank you
lick lick lick

progress update: 7/03/2015

Just to let you wonderful ppl know at DAWGdogs I’ve really got these new owners wrapped around my paws
Thank you for letting me show them how I like to be waited on ,
love Stella (aka Apple)

progress update: 1/2/14

Stella aka Apple

I can’t believe the work Stella aka Apple causes lol

I just can’t keep up with her sleeping

this is the look I get when I tell her she’s got to go out

she’s such a character

progress update: 7/12/13

Stella aka Apple

Stella aka apple not so happy about the festive hat but she’s such a loving little girl thanks for letting us have her forever merry Xmas allay Dawgdogs x

progress update: 21/6/13

Apple update
Look how wonderful Stella aka Apple is!
She is a joy so loving and so much company for her companion Patch
still very nervous with strangers but getting better every day

progress update: 12/4/13

Apple/Stella ,has settled and copies everything her friend does her cheeky side is really coming out now ,
shes still a little nervous but loves affection shes not so good with the lead but loves to run at the beach with her pal Patch shes a pleasure to have and very grateful to all at DAWG dogs x

progress update: 2/3/13

She has settled in and is taking over the couch !!!
Apple is getting used to walks on the lead and has been behaving but insists on coming to bed at night snuggling into the duvet
We sure know shes around and our other dog hasn’t been bothered at all shes a real character

Apple has now found a home !!

progress update: 15/2/13

Apple after her Poochies hair cut

Here’s an update on Apple.
She slept all night and is clean in the house,
she is now venturing out of the bed but runs back if someone moves.
She wags her tail at everyone who comes in the room and wants to say hello from the safety of the bed.
She has shown no aggression at all.

She’s not used to the lead but will go outside if you usher her towards the door and you have to be out off the way so that she can get past on her terms.
With a little bit of time and love, so that she can get to trust you, she will make a great addition to the family.
That’s all for now Kim

This is Apple, a very sweet little girl, she is a little shy.
She was very good having a bath and showed no aggression.
Will up date again soon with more photos when she ventures out of the bed.