Willow (a.k.a Blue)

Updated August 18, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 27/08/2020

I rehomed Willow from you 7 years ago. Now she’s rescuing a kitten.
Little guys mum disappeared last Sunday so I’ve taken him on and he will then live with my sister.
Willow looks after him though!

Blue has now found a home !!

progress update: 7/11/13


Little update on Blue who is now known as Willow.

She is such an amazing dog and is settling in so well.

A massive thank you to everyone involved in DAWGdogs.

If it wasn’t for you all and the effort you put in we would never of had our little Willow.

My son loves her!

progress update: 7/10/13

Thinks her name is Good Girl – because that is what she is…

Today was a first in many ways – went off the lead out in the Wide World and did perfect recalls;
met a new (DAWGdog) of similar dimensions and played with him right away with no trouble;
met a ride-on mower (didn’t like that much); sat in a car to get used to those noisy things;
went to the gate on her own; went into her crate on her own twice…;
almost willing to walk through a herd of cows –
(‘ Mistress says it’s only a cow but I think it is a great big hairy monster…’)
plays wildly on her own with a plastic milk bottle with gravel in it BUT would very much like a playmate.

Someone out there is going to have a charming dog with no vices.


progress update: 5/10/13


David Bowie apparently has one blue and one brown eye so maybe that would suit aka Blue?
Dog is an angel – likes men, women, children, other dogs.
Got pecked on nose this evening by a chicken.
Barked back.
She has been off lead today and has coped well.
Is very energetic and quick to learn.



Blue one of the 12 week old Collie puppies has arrived full steam ahead by the sound of it from Ann’s update!

I thought Evie had lots of energy but this little mite has more.
She ran the socks off an eight-year-old when I introduced her to see how she was with children – loves them to bits….
Could eat a horse between two mattresses I should think – it’s gone in the twinkling of an eye…
Digestive disturbance getting better; boy – can that dog bark… – never heard anything like it.
Quiet at the moment thanks be…

Have covered cage with a dark towel – treating her like a parrot in the hope that she would sleep.
Cats have stayed well clear – upstairs – with their paws in their ears – so haven’t ventured down yet…
Don’t think pup had ever seen a car – we had a short walk and she was scared

What an action- packed day!