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progress update: 16/3/13

Hi Helen,
I wanted to send an update on Archer, one of the Kelpie puppies, we got him in November.
He is absolutely lovely such a sweet nature and very trainable.
They are so smart these dogs but not neurotic.
He is a real pleasure.
He is very good off the lead and accompanies me to the yard to do the horses.
He is good with the horses and other dogs.
We also have two small house rabbits – he is excellent with them too.

Kelpie’s are a great breed, you get the best of both worlds – great intelligence, stamina and trainability but they know how to relax and can be quite lazy too.
Having said that they are a working dog and do need plenty of excercise and a good leader.

Thank you so much

Jenine Wills and Archer xx

Archer has now found a home !!

progress update: 13/11/12

Hi, as you can see he is turning into such a georgous dog, full of the joys of spring his personality is really starting to show with his cheeky side.
Archer is so good with other animals, just wants to play.
House training is coming along nicely and is starting to sit on command.
He is going need an active home as starting to run rings around me!

progress update: 6/11/12

Archer one of the Kelpie puppies settling down for the night with Scamp.

Hi sorry not more pictures but don’t have a camera, will try to borrow one.
He loves playing a tug of war game with Alfie and is very polite and won’t badger Alfie if he’s had enough.
Only chews on toys, a lot better with food now.
Brill on the lead and trying to get him to sit.
Good with young children.
will send more