Updated March 27, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 27/3/14
Geoff has now had Babar for a two weeks and has reported that he is a delightful dog.
Getting on well with his dogs and putting up with going to the pub with Geoff every evening for socialisation. Babar is accepting with good spirit all the yakking on and on that Geoff and his cronies indulge in every evening.

Babar will need an active home as stated before and not with young children because in his enthusiasm to say Hello he will knock them for six like ten pin bowling pins.
Small screaming humans are not fond of this and their parents less so as Babar realises but just can’t help himself in the rush to say Hello to new people.

Babar is a 15 month old Weimaraner, very good with other dogs and people.
Bouncy and lively and loves to play.
He will need an active home.
More to follow as he settles in with his foster Dad.