Basil ( a.k.a Baggins )

Updated January 11, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 11/1/14


Basil (aka “Baggins”) doing a creditable impression of Puss in Boots.

progress update: 14th June 2008

Just to let you know how Baggins (who shall now be known as Basil), is getting on.

After a shaky start when he travelled home hiding his head in the footwell of the car, he has found his feet here with ease.
Jonty was SO excited to have a new little bruv and has been lovely with him.
They’ve been out for walks together and Jonty hasn’t wee’d on Basil once (yet!). *grin* Basil thought that the people playing football in the park weren’t doing it right and he was just the fella to show them how, but found it a bit tricky when on the lead. *chuckle*

Although he has his own bed, he opted to spend last night on our bed inbetween Steve and I. He’s such a teeny little chap, who doesn’t take up much space, we hardly knew he was there. Well – apart from at 5.15am when he decided to jump on our heads, that is – we knew he was there then! LOL

He’s been entranced by our Kakariki Parakeet, Blaze, and our Zebra Finch, Silver, too. He seems to think that Silver would be the ideal squeaky toy for a small Jack Russell. *chuckle* He had to be dissuaded from hurling himself bodily at Blaze’s cage. He’s obviously a very smart little chap, who has got brains to spare. This is a good thing, as Jonty hasn’t got too much in the way of brains – so hopefully they’ll make a good pair! *grin*


Basil enjoying a picnic with his new chum Jonty the Saluki:

progress update: 9th June

Baggins will be going to his new home today!

Baggins is a year old Jack Russel handed into us.

He was kept on a rope in a garden and for

a dog that loves the company of people and dogs so much,

this was a crying shame.

He is a happy and lovable fella,

loves to play, curl up on a lap and go for walks