Barney and the 19 eccles cakes

Updated June 2, 2008 Categories: Tales of Dastardly Dogs.

A few years ago my mum baked a big batch of home-made eccles cakes.

They were very hot straight from the oven and so she put them on top of the worktop to cool.

There were two trays of them, 19 big cakes in all.

And then there were none.

A full investigation after the Dastardly Deed concluded that the maximum possible time that Barney could have been unaccompanied in the kitchen was two minutes.

So well-executed was this Dastardly Deed that the number of eccles cakes misappropriated on that fateful day was carefully recorded, in order that it may serve as an inspiration to would-be Dastardly Dogs for years to come!