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Barnie has now found a home !!

progress update: 27/3/12

Hi Helen,

Barney came to live with us from his foster Mum, Angela, on Wed 14th of March, and we haven’t looked back.
He is a real character, he comes to work with me and lays in the office unless one of my residents comes in and then he gets lots of fuss. As you may remember I work at a sheltered housing scheme with the elderly and they love him to bits, I dont think I will need to buy any dog treats again!!!

As you can see from the attached photos, we took him to the beach today and finally got him to go in the sea to retrieve his ball he met lots of dogs, big and small and seems to cope as long as he has his eye on the ball I’m carrying.



progress update: 1/2/12
Hi Helen,
Just a quick update on Barny.
I took him up to the field last Saturday and he thoroughly enjoyed himself,
running around and playing with the other dogs and helping me plant our small cider orchard !!
On Sunday I took him out for his first run (more like a jog really),
he started to get the idea pretty quick,
did not go too far away and we took it in turns carrying his tennis ball !!
Cheers Colin

progress update: 21/1/12
Barnie is still looking for his new family.
He continues to respond to all his training with great results, and clearly enjoys having things to do to keep him occupied.
He is keen to please, and loves human companionship, so would probabaly be happy as an only dog, as he can be quite pushy with the other dogs in the home.
He really enjoys his walks and playing with his ball, and has proved himself to be very popular with our neighbours and friends as he loves human attention so much.
So come on give Helen a call and come and meet Barnie!

Barney is a nine month old collie x who who has come to the rescue due to a family split.
At the moment Barney is staying with Angela and her family which includes three dogs of different ages and two adults .
Barney now has good recall and has some good manners i.e. he knows sit, stay, down and come, he is still learning that he has to wait until asked to go through a door instead of charging through as he always wants to be in the front or right in the middle of what’s going on.
He sleeps uncrated though the night and is clean .
After his playtime he walks great on the lead but is still pulling before he has had a chance to burn off his energy,so this is something to work on.
He travels well in a car though when he first goes in he is wary and needs a little time before you take his lead off or shut the door -I just tell him its ok and within mins he is fine.
Barney is so much better when he meets new dogs both on and off the lead all you have to do is the 10second rule – meet greet and walk-on.
Barney is a typical collie he loves his ball and becomes very focused on it.
Unfortunately I would not rehome him with young children as there is still so much for him to learn.
He would benefit from a collie savvy person to bring out the best in him, though as long as someone would be willing to give him the exercise, love, patience and attention that he so needs and wants.
So if you think this very handsome young boy is for you then give Helen a call.
Angela and Barney

Chris Vivian
Comment on December 31st, 2011.

Hi Helen,
I’ve been given your details by a friend of Heather Lewis, who got her dog through you. I live in Lymington and am very interested in Barney, having had a sheltie cross in the past. Is he still available please and, if so, how soon could I visit him?

Comment on January 1st, 2012.

Hi, We have been closed over Christmas hence the late reply. Barney is still looking for a home and if you would like to phone me at the rescue we can arrange for you to meet him