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progress update: 18/12/2020

Happy birthday to our gorgeous girl Bea today.
9 today.
Love her so much.

progress update: 24/05/2019

She doesn’t like having her photo taken lol!!
She is our beautiful lady.
She will be 8 in December

progress update: 17/01/2015

Hi everyone.
We have been meaning to update you all for a while now about Bea!
She is now 3 years old and has made herself very comfortable and never says no to people giving her lots of hugs and cuddles.

She has grown quite a lot but is still a puppy at heart.
Her behaviour is much better (not spinning at cars any more) and goes on the school run walk as well.
Thanks again Helen, Jane and all the hard workers at DAWG Dogs

progress update: 17/10/12

Update on Bea from her new home:-

Well it’s almost 1 week now and she has really settled in.
Lots of long walks, Hugs & Love from all of us :-)
Training is coming along and her “Issue” with the cars is slowly getting better although trying to stop her sneaking onto the sofa when she thinks no one is watching is the new challenge!

Bea has now found a home !!

The beautiful Bea is looking for a home.
Bea is about 7 months, a Collie mix.
Good with children.
Loves to run around with other dogs, brilliant recall.
Bea is quite strong on the lead but wears a Halti quite happily.
She is excellent in the car but very nervous of walking in traffic.
This is getting better.
Possibly better in a home as an only dog as Queen Bea likes to get all the hugs and attention but is
fostering with another dog.

Bea came to us last week from a family who couldn’t keep her anymore.
Bea is seven months old, a Collie mix who gets on with other dogs and children.
She came from a home with children and when out on walks submits to children whilst wagging her tail waiting for a fuss.
Bea is young and full of energy.


Comment on August 29th, 2012.

Really interested in rehoming Daphne, would like to find out more about her history and breed!

Comment on September 3rd, 2012.