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progress update: 28/05/2017

Wow 6 yrs since she came to us.
Now age 11 yrs xx happy gotcha day Belle xx

progress update: 22/12/15

Miss Bellers xx

progress update: 7/12/13

Dawgdogs Bella update

“Bellers” in her onsie and ready for bed

progress update: 14/7/13

“Bellers” getting her delicate little paws wet

progress update: 6/6/12

Bella in her Jubilee coat just about to sit down and watch the celebrations.

progress update: 5/11/11

Hi Aunty Helen,well winter is upon us and as you must surely know high fashion for dogs this autumn is a nice sweater..with this in mind i have decided to model the lastest look for you,,its sooo cosy and soft,Ive asked for one in red,my favorite colour xx much love Bellers x

progress update: 13/08/11

Dear Aunt Helen, this is a photo of me and my new best friend,Jack..he’s something called a grandchild!
I think all dogs should have the background my mate diggery,we have such play fights and I always win..until he sits on me..we then call it a draw
xx much love from Bella

progress update: 30/06/11

Hi all,
Still having a great time with my new mum and my two terrorist companions!
Enjoy going to Whitecliff and meeting lots of dogs,most of them are ex pats from Dawgdogs…especially like Bunty,she was fostered by my auntie Nikki years ago!still no new photos…she l cant upload any so heres a really cute one Nikki took earlier

progress update: 05/06/11

progress update: 30/05/11

Hi Helen just a quick update on the beautiful Bella now we’ve had her a little while, this little dog has adapted incredibly
well since she arrived, initially she was quite wary of the other dogs especially my Dobermann but now she is perfectly
happy to be one of the gang, they all enjoyed a walk down the river this morning, Bella met 4 other dogs with no hesitation
and travelled very well in the car, we also had a great night with Bella happy to sleep in her bed in the crate right through
with no problems at all.

Bella has the kindest nature she loves nothing better than being cuddled right up to you any chance she gets, her and my
little girl have spent a great deal of time together mostly snuggled up on the sofa, she really is the sweetest little dog.


Meet Bella a beautiful Chinese Crested who arrived this afternoon, she has the m…ost wonderful personality, she is 5 years old, she has been spayed, and she only has one eye but she gets on fine without it, she really is very sweet :0)