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progress update: 27/06/2018

Just quick message to let you know Benny is still going strong all these years later!
He has a lot more white hairs (haven’t we all?!) and a couple of inches on the waistline, but still happy, loving, and loved every single day since you brought him here to his forever home from Tralee.
We can never thank you enough
Love, light and happy tailwags Helen!
From Benny, Donna, and Ruudi the cat

progress update 30th May

Here are some photos of the wonderful Benny! He has settled in better
than we could have ever wished for over the last 3 weeks- Benny loves
his new home and smiles all the time, and we love having him as part
of the family, even Rudi the cat has been won over by Benny’s sweet
and kind nature.

Considering Benny’s 4 years old and didnt know any commands or even
what a toy is to start with, his training is going wonderfully, he’s
so clever and loyal but funny too, with a wicked but gentle sense of
humour. He loves his walks and swims regularly in various ponds and
rivers, and is soon to start fun agility as a replacement for his only
bad habit-jumping 4legged onto the kitchen worktop!

His absolute favourite thing is cuddles and tummyrubs though, and we
have endless amounts of those for him.

Thankyou so much Helen, you have made all 4 of us as happy as can be :)

Love from Donna Steven Rudi and Benny

New into the rescue is Benny a 4 year old collie cross.

Benny was straying and someone (we don’t know who) shot him.

He has shot pellets still in him which the vet has advised to leave as they are
not pressing on any nerves.

He also has a bald, scabby patch round his
neck which makes me think he has spent some time tied up.

Benny gets on well with cats and dogs and has has a very nice temperament.