Ziggy Stardust ( a.k.a Bevan )

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progress update: 19/06/2016

message from his owner:

Imagine what it would feel like if every single time someone looked at you they smiled and imagine if they held you so close and looked into your eyes and kissed you, even people you’ve never met before.
How would it feel to never have someone dissapointed with you or hurt by you and no one ever raised their voice at you.
If you never had to regret anything or need to say sorry because you never did anything wrong. EVER.
Imagine if every time someone spoke to you they did it in a kind and gentle voice.
If every time someone saw you they looked so happy just by your existence.
Just by your being.
Imagine if you had the power to make even the saddest person happy again, just like that?
How would it feel to be loved like that by everyone all of the time?

That’s how my DOG must feel

Happy 5th birthday to my beautiful friend Ziggy Stardust and thank you Helen and Dawg for finding him.
I am eternally grateful.

progress update: 23/1/12

This is a photo of Ziggy, (was Bevan) and he is 7 months and has been with us since August.
I’m still waiting for this puppy to chew the curtains and pull up the carpet and make loads of mess as people said would happen.
It never has.
In the beginning he would do a poo on the carpet just as we sat down for dinner and he would bark at our son but with patience, discipline and buckets full of love this dog is an absolute joy.
He is no longer in his crate as he goes to sleep on my bed and stays there.
I would not part with him for anything or any amount of money and I can honestly say that we are all happier and calmer people because of him.
Thanks for finding us Ziggy!

progress update: 16/10/11
Hi Helen,
Just wanted to let you know that that little dog Bevan, now called Ziggy has brought me and my family so much happiness.
We are on the beach every morning and he loves it.
He has lots of dog friends and absolutely everyone who meets him loves him.
I take him to and from my son’s school everyday as well and all the kids know his name and love him too.
He gets so much fuss and attention.
He is so well behaved and easy it’s unbelievable.
Thank you for giving him to us.


Bevan has now found a home !!

Hi Helen here are a few pictures of the gorgeous Bevan, he has been like a whirlwind since his arrival and has all the girls running around after him,
the children adore him.

Hi Helen just a quick update on Little Bevan now we’ve had him a few days,
well what can I say, he’s such a sweet entertaining little pup he’s had us all in stitches with his antics.
He has no fear of anything and is constantly on the go,
he loves to play with the children and the other dogs, plus he loves his toys.

Beavan is happy to go in his crate by himself throughout the day and has been as good as gold at night,
he also loves his cuddles and is very affectionate,
we could’nt ask for a nicer house guest, he’s an absolute joy.

Bevan is approx 7 weeks old and will probably become a small dog, possibly he has a bit of terrier in him.


He was found wandering by the side of a busy road

Bevan has now found a home !!

Comment on August 13th, 2011.

What a beautiful little boy! What is he?

Comment on August 13th, 2011.

I forgot to add the description!

Bevan is approx 7 weeks old and will probably become a small dog, possibly he has a bit of terrier in him.

He was found wandering by the side of a busy road

Comment on August 13th, 2011.

nice pic of Spike …keeping an eye on the little one..x