Bizzie and Lizzie

Updated November 8, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 10th Oct

Bizzie has now found a home !!

progress update from Claire: 29th Sep

We have had some nice walks in the sunshine. She loves to cool down with a dip in the sea or river. We took her to Highcliffe beach on Saturday. As soon as she hit the surf she was ready for us to throw the ball. She seemed quite particular about how far and in which direction she wanted us to throw it. Some of my girly throws didn’t even register for the chasability factor, so I had to get it myself! Thankfully the waves were a bit better at bringing the ball back than she was. She did tear off up the beach a couple of times but my jumping around and calling enthusiastically must have been more appealing than the Jack Russell she had spotted digging in the distance because she did come back!
Sunday at the river was similar. Bizzie was barking at me to throw the ball that she hadn’t yet retrieved from the previous throw. Thankfully two boys were paddling nearby and waded over to recover the ball before it bobbed off down the river.
She has been good in the house and in the car. She seems very calm for a young Collie.
We’ve been playing with the toys in the garden she’s already got her favourites and gets a bit impatient if I don’t throw them quickly enough.

My neighbours have been telling her what a lovely girl she is but we weren’t in any doubt about that, were we!

progress update: 22nd Sep

Lizzie’s family are very kindly fostering Bizzie so that the sisters are back together again

while Bizzie awaits a new home !!

Update 16th Sep

Oops!! Due to a bit of confusion over the names of the sister pups

yesterday we listed Lizzie as being back at the Rescue.

We wish to apologise to Lizzie’s ( somewhat worried ! )

family and re-assure everyone that Lizzie has a very good home and is being well looked after.

It is in fact little BIZZIE who is back with us at the moment !!!

This is through no fault of her own and so we are now looking for a new home for her, and her alone

[ not Lizzie as well !! ]

Anyone who may be able to help,

please contact Helen for more details !

Bizzie’s progress update: 26th July

Bizzie is a lovely girl and has been no bother at all apart from chewing a few shoes but hey i

obviously had too many!

We have had some lovely walks and Bizzie loves playing with the kids at the beach,

she is a fantastic swimmer.

We did get told off for trampling someones picnic but as i pointed out there are plenty of beaches where dogs can’t go.

We are off to Yorkshire next week and Bizzie is coming too so I’ll keep you updated.

She might come home with a northern accent!


Lizzie’s progress update: 1st July

Just to let you know how I am getting on in my new home.
I sleep very well at night and get rudely woken at 06.00 when Andy goes to work,
I`ll let him off as he does give me my breakfast before he goes.
I haven`t left any parcels or puddles in the house,
as its so much fun getting lots of cuddles and kisses when I go in the garden.
I then go back to sleep for a couple of hours until Tracey gets up and takes me for a walk.
I love my walks and talk all the way round because everything is sooo exciting.
I met some very big horses yesterday and barked at them as I was a little scared.
Tracey picked me up to say hi to one of them,
but he was still very big and I thought if I turned around he wouldn`t see me!!
I can`t believe how many different animals there are to chase or get chased by, really fun.
I love my new friend Shadow, she is a bit old and doesn`t run around as much as me but she lets me share her blanket so we can sleep together.
We play with lots of toys in the garden together and I chase the birds and squirrels out of the garden.
On Saturday it rained a little, I thought I was back at Jan`s house with Bizzie playing with the hose and thought I would jump in the air to try and catch the water from the sky, I can jump really high.
I will write again with more pictures to let you know how I am getting on.
Lots of love
Lizzie (woof woof) xx

progress update: 28th June

Lizzie has now found a home which has 10 acres for her to explore and play in,

and the same day Bizzie has also found a home where she too will receive lots of love and attention!

progress update : 21st June

Jan was watering her garden but Bizzie and Lizzie thought it more fun to bite the water!

Lizzie in the forest

Lizzie in the garden.

After the shock of popping the football, she found it much easier to play with in it’s deflated state.

See how pleased she looks!

Bizzie and Lizzie are 5 month old collies.

They already know how to sit and are

socialised with other dogs.

They are also good with cats and children.

They will need further training and have lots of energy

so would probably be very suited to agility training.