Blitzen & Wilf

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progress update: 23/03/2018

Hi Helen.
Well it’s been nearly two years since the last update on Dawgdogs Blitzen and Wilf.
They are both doing amazing, Wilfy will be 3 next month with Blitzen turning 8 later in the year.
They’re both still going to work with Ken and coming out with us and the horses.
Here are a few pics of the last few weeks

Just a quick update on Wilf who’s doing great, he goes everywhere with us and yesterday we took them to Durdle Door.
We have a little remote control beep collar on him that we use when we are riding the horses to get his attention and it’s brilliant and saves lots of calling and whistling lol so we tend to use in when we go out in crowded places.
Anyway here are a few pics.

progress update: 15/9/13

Hi Helen x
here’s a recent pic of Blitzen,


it’s been nearly 3 years since we got him from DAWGdogs

progress update: 6/6/12

Hi Helen,

I hope you are well and things at Dawgdogs are going ok, I just thought I would send you some pics of Blitzen
He’s turned out into an amazing dog we had him done in March as he was getting a bit too boistrous but he’s really calmed down.
He still goes to work every day with Ken and Tally except when its really warm and they stay at home with the radio on chilling in their conservatory (its his favourite place – he has two beds, one in the living room and another in the conservatory) and the garden.
He comes out with us on the horses and runs for miles amd we go to the beach alot (Hengistbury Head), we get comments where ever we go about him and we are very proud of him.

All the best Sarah :)

progress update: 1/11/11


Hi Helen,



Well its been nearly a year since Blitzen came in to our lives and although losing Jazz was heart breaking he has helped to heal a huge pain in our hearts.
He’s now 29″ to the shoulder and is the size of a small donkey we have measured him on the door frame on the 1st day of every month since we’ve had him!!
He also has his own newsletter at the old peoples home that my mom manages and is going there all dressed up on Xmas day which I will get pics of.
He has turned into a stunningly handsome chap and we get comments whenever we take him out even if its only out in our village.
He goes to work with Tally and Ken every day and although likes to have the odd wander as soon as Ken whistles he’s back with his dad like a shot!!
We’ve introduced him to lots of different things, places and surroundings and he has coped brilliantly.
He loves coming out with us when we go up the hill on the horses and loves running flat out when we have a good gallop.
He has yet to make that special trip to the vet but he is booked in for that in the next few weeks.
Anyway here are a few pics of him.

Take Care
Sarah and Ken


progress update: 30/1/11

Hey Helen,
I hope you are well, I just thought I would send you a few pics of Blitzen.
We’ve been following the advice you gave me last night with the coat and slowly and surely there is a improvement each day.
Now we don’t pander to his every whim and he’s much better for it.
It took a while for Tally and the cat to accept him but he’s well and truely settled in now.
He’s also had his Jabs and has been microchipped.

I have a dog coat to send you, he’s already on his 2nd one as he’s shooting up.
He’s grown just over an inch since he left you.

Take Care
Sarah, Ken, Tally and Blitzen