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Blue has now found a home !!

progress update: 5/11/19

Today, I threw caution to the wind and deciding it was high time Blue ran off his energy properly I took him to the local heath and let him go.

He was perfect in his recall even on meeting other dogs and when he went around a corner out of sight I waited not calling him back to see what he would do. In less than a minute he was back to see where I was.

He met a Husky who can be a little unpredictable and my heart was in my mouth but as soon as the Husky growled at him and I called him back he came back with no reaction to the Husky’s aggression.

The next two dogs he met he bounded up to forgetting that he is larger than them and he played and then came straight back on recall.

He doesn’t exactly run hell for leather running energy off but sort of lopes ahead. On Thursday we are off to Upton Heath for a really long walk.

He could pull a bit but with the harness I have been using on him since Saturday he walks right by my side like a proper gent.

A lovely dog is Blue

progress update: 24/10/19
Blue has been with us a few weeks now and is a pleasure to have stay.
He and Riley get on famously and Blue is good with all the dogs he meets out on his walk.
Lianne recently took him on the bus with her and he was a great hit with the passengers walking up and down the aisle to say ” Hello ” to everyone individually. We have been told by the person who he was originally living with that he is good with children.
Blue has this week been fundraising at Pets at Home and was the model of good behaviour.
Blue has been off lead in an enclosed area and his recall is good.

What a perfect gent Blue is.
A really lovely boy who came to us after being found straying.
He is two years old and has settled in so well at the Rescue.
Blue clearly has some Lurcher in him along with a few other breeds I would think, lurcher types love a good run and then are content to couch potato the day away. He really is a pleasure to have here at the Rescue.
His eyes are an unusual amber/green and not as starey eyed as they look in the photos but quite soft and gentle eyes.