Stan (a.k.a Strahil)

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progress update: 06/11/2019

For any of you that remember Stanley, here he is recently on our dog friendly holiday in Devon!

progress update: 1/4/2016

Our Stanley really loves his new “stable” life with us now haha.
After not such a good start to his life in Romania, Stanley enjoys the finer things in life these days, lazying around at the stables is one of them and the occasional fly eating is another one of his favourite hobbies! Haha

progress update: 24/4/2015

Update on Stanley the one who came from Romania.
Apparently he thinks it’s funny to jump into bogs at the New Forest?
And then when we wash him off after, he likes to pretend he is E.T.
Don’t ask me why, maybe he watched the film a lot in Romania?! Lol
I think he was trying to become a black Labrador because he is so fed up with people always asking what breed he is lol.
He shouts back at them in a Romanian accent “I am a mongrel ok?! And that’s that!” Haha xx

progress update: 10/01/2015

Just thought you might like to see this
it’s a happy new year pic!
Double smiles.

progress update: 6/1/2015

Stan opening his Christmas presents.

progress update: 6/7/2014

I was so happy to see Stan in his forever home with Stephanie when I went to take pictures of Lassie
Thought I would pass them along.
He is so happy.

progress update: 14/06/2014

Having tried Stan off the lead again we realise he is running because he is frightened.
He wants to go and play and then I let him off and he starts to play with the others, then after a minute he suddenly takes off and if we are local, he heads straight for home.
He really loves to go for a walk and begs to go out for his walks each day so in running home I think he is telling us he is afraid.
At least we have a long garden and he joins the girls in a run up and down there.

I will take him training later but at present he refuses to go in any doors other than our house.

Iisn’t a problem bless him and in every way he is perfect.
We all really love him. He is the best cuddle anyone could wish for!
He makes friends with adults, dogs and small children when we are out.
He has a bed in every room and at night he is in my room in his new bed with his lovely legs stretched out and his head on his own pillow.

Stan has now found a home !!

progress update: 3/2/14

Stan (1)

Stan (7)

Stan is 2-3 years old, a mixed breed, medium sized, neutered dog.

Update from his foster home:- What a lovely dog Stan is, a real delight to have in our home.
When he arrived just over a week ago, he was very shy and nervous. Stan did not seem worried about our own DAWGdog Glen but was wary of the men in the house.
It’s taken this time for him to feel part of the family but he is an absolute joy to foster.

We think he would fit into any family.
He’s great with other dogs and we think he would be fine with children.


Male, neutered
Born: 2011

Good, Better, Strahil – that’s how it goes and there are not enough words to describe the kindness of this former poor boy and current lovely young man. Strahil (the friend of Suncho) came to us a long time ago and very ill, but he was brought back to life and aesthetics.

Besides being an exceptionally good-looking animal he is also a gentleman, smart and kind. He was severely bitten by his inmates two months ago, so the poor guy had to recover from that as well. Unfortunately with shelters like this one – this is always a risk, even the bestest of dogs shouldn’t be put into cages for long.

Strahil (means Scary) he is anything BUT scary. He is young, vaccinated, neutered and absolutely ready to love and bring joy to his family till Kingdom comes.