Updated August 16, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Bonnie has now found a home !!

progress update: 27/07/2018

Bonnie is settling in well here.
She is getting used to a lead being put on and we are taking this slowly with her as she has not been used to it before.
Millie and her went out for a long walk with Maggie on Monday and even though a little nervous of the traffic she did very well and enjoyed herself.

Bonnie was kept in a shed until the neighbour persuaded the lady to let her go.
Bonnie is shy at first but loves to be stroked and as she is, a paw slowly comes up and is put across my knee.
Bonnie gets on well with the other dogs here.
She will soon be enjoying walks and all the marvelous smells and sights of the outside world.
Bonnie is two years old.