Updated August 15, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Millie has now found a home !!

progress update: 27/07/2018

Millie has been with the Rescue two weeks now and what a gorgeous girl she is.
The person that adopts her will be so lucky.
She is fantastic with all dogs and people she has met.
Millie and Bonnie came to the allotment on the weekend and she loved running and chasing the pigeons as they flew over.
She didn’t bark at any of the allotment holders as they came and went ( perfect canine allotment companion!).

Millie learns very quickly i.e The first day after arriving that she went for a walk she was bouncing all over the place as we put a harness on her but the next day knew this meant a walk and sat patiently while we tried different ones to find the one most comfortable for her to wear

video clip of Minnie playing with water:

Millie is two years old and was abandoned.
She is full of life, playful and good with other dogs.
More to follow as she settles in.