Jem (a.k.a Bosco)

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progress update: 12/08/2018

Hi Helen…
Just had to share this…
such a proud handsome boy.
He’s come a long way from that skinny sad eyed boy I met.
He is admired by all who meet him and such an affectionate and loving boy…
still a thief though, only the other night I lost me sarnies for tea…
Luv Ange and Jem (Bosco)X

progress update: 30/05/2018

Hi Helen,
Jem has just started going to agility in the hope of improving his concentration.
He is limited to what he does as he has a dodgy shoulder.
Nothing serious, he gets cramp.
The vet couldn’t find anything so put it down to him doing too much running as a youngster.
Anyway… he does baby jumps, the tunnel, weaves and the A frame because its wide enough for him not to fall off.
We don’t go for speed or tight turns and he does have this habit of running in one direction and looking in another…
He is loving it and much to everyone’s surprise a natural.
But the main thing is he is enjoying what he can do and he is listening a little better…
until he is distracted… hehe
Angela, Jem and the girls…

progress update: 12/02/2018

Hi… just an update on the boy.
Nothing very exciting been happening. He has completed his training to advanced level and now just brush up on things ourselves.
He is very bright and quick to learn but there is always something else far more interesting to be doing.
Last night he saw snow… it was hilarious, leaping and sliding around.
Not sure if it was the crunching noise or his feet were cold.
Anyway, as you can see from the photo he is well and truly back on form and enjoying is morning zoomie with one of his sisters…
and looking like butter wouldn’t melt…

Angela, Jem and the girls…xx

progress update: 05/07/2017

Hi Helen, another update. So proud of my big beautiful boy.
In less the two years he has achieved his Advanced certificate in Obedience, taken Top Dog in the school and together we are Top Working Pair.
Its been hard work for both of us but so worth while. A couple of weeks ago he took Best Dog at a local show.
He still has little issues but slowly we are overcoming them and he is such a character.
He still likes moving things and you never know what article of furnishing you will find in the garden.
He is still an incorrigible thief, only the other week my hard boiled egg disappeared off my plate when I turned round to pick up my cup of tea.
Love this boy so much.
Not sure where we go from here, but he is working with the girls on some tricks… his part involves laying down, something he is very good at.
Angela and Jem….X

progress update: 18/02/2017

Hi Helen, I know I sent you an update not long ago but I am so proud of Jem and his latest achievement.
I mentioned previously his affinity with other hounds.
Up to now it been his own doing.
Last Sunday he had his first official ‘job’ with a behaviourist to help a lurcher who has trouble mixing with other dogs.
I was a bit apprehensive has I had never worked him in a controlled situation with a dog he had never set eyes on before.
It took all of 10 minutes max. for them to both be off lead and zooming round the field…and when enough was enough Jem called a halt.
It was lovely. This poor dog has no doggy friends, he terrifies the life out of them with his enthusiasm and energy.
But dear Jem was completely unruffled and they had a wonderful game… the first of many.
The behaviourist who is also a good friend knew Jem but not seen him in action said, I had ‘one very special dog’… but I already knew that ?

Ange & Jem…

progress update: 28/01/2017

Hi Helen, hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.
Well, I’ve had the boy nearly 18 months and what a joy he is. We had a good 2016.
His training going well, he is currently working on his Advanced.
Not really his thing, typical of the breed, concentration not his strong point.
There is always something more interesting going on. He does well at shows and we were delighted when he went Reserve Best in Show.
But I have discovered he has an incredible talent that cannot be taught.
He has an amazing empathy with his own kind and has now helped a few sight hounds adjust to new lives in their forever homes.
Hounds who haven’t been socialised, ex racers who have ‘shut down’. We discovered it by accident.
An ex racer, out of kennels just three days, all teeth and fear and with empty eyes.
She was in the next paddock where we exercise. He just stood quietly and calmly and she gradually calmed down.
We met again the next day and although she barked, no teeth. Then he play bowed.
We opened the gate and he was so gentle. She didn’t understand play but she enjoyed a chase.
Within days she came to life. Her owners are delighted with the change in her and 10 weeks on she is a normal dog, mixing with all who are up for a game and showing a mischievous side. They are good buddies for life I think as the photo shows.
She isn’t the only one, he has done the same with another ex racer, a couple of Podenco’s and a terrified young lurcher.
I am so proud of him. He is now ‘on the books’ of my good friend who is a behaviourist who teaches Force Free Training, to help any sight hounds.
He really is a very special dog…with rubbish recall…hehe

luv Ange and Jem, not forgetting the girls….

progress update: 22/07/2016

Hi Helen, my gorgeous boy is going from strength to strength.
He has just passed his Intermediate 2 in obedience and has a special award – Best Rescue and Dog and Handler of the year. So proud of my beautiful boy..
Today we’ve just come back from a show, he had a 2nd and a 3rd.
He is such a lovely friendly boy.
The other week he was zooming round a beach in Cornwall with my lot, four friends and any other dog on the beach.
He loves the water which didn’t do him any good today as the venue was next to the river and if I had let him off I know he would have gone straight in.
Not a good river, current can be strong and not very clean.

progress update: 20/04/2016

Hi Helen, just had to send you these pics of Jem enjoying a day on the beach in Cornwall and a day on Dartmoor with the girls.
The beach was best because they could be off lead to play with all the dogs.
Had to stay on the lead on Dartmoor because of the sheep and lambs.
He is such a sociable boy and such an eye catcher we keep getting stopped.
Everyone falls in love with him. We’ve had my friend with her tiny JRT staying with us and him and Jem are the best of friends and somehow both manage to get on the chair.
He really is the sweetest, gentlest soul…
Ange, Jem and the girls…

progress update: 16/03/2016

Hi Helen,
Bet you thought you’d heard the last of us… no such luck =)
The boy is brilliant, funny, adorable, clever and naughty! but not bad naughty, cheeky naughty and I love him to bits.
Tonight I picked up his Obedience Intermediate 1 certificate.
In May he starts working for his Intermediate 2.
A lurcher is as trainable as any other dog… its just more of a challenge and we don’t mention recall.
I’ll just say he always comes back…
I’ll let you know how the next session goes in July.
If he does anything spectacular in the meantime I’ll let you know….
Ange and Jem

progress update: 2/12/15

Hi Helen,
Took Jem to the beach for the first time today.
Kept putting it off because of the speed he moves and his selective recall.
Then remembered a beach well away from the road a bit further up the coast.
He was so good…this time.
I missed the best picture, when I let him off he zoomed into the sea and started swimming…had visions of him ending up in France… But he turned and came out when I called.
Actually I think it was a mistake, he thought it was a giant puddle and was horrified to find himself out of his depth.
He didn’t do it again. He loves water but hates rain.
Apart from his selective hearing and desire to chase he is a fantastic dog.
He is really settled now and no longer eats the house and isn’t the thief he was.
All down to confidence that he is home. I just have to be selective where I take him to let him off.
Needs lots of secure space.
He is all grrrrrrs, gentle nips and high speed when he plays hence the muzzle in public.
Doggy people understand this… many ‘dog owners’ don’t so it keeps us out of trouble and he isn’t bothered by it, think he has worn one before.
Angela & Jem…

progress update: 2/12/15

Hi Helen, got Jem’s results tonight for his Beginners Obedience…
He came first.
I’m over the moon !
He’s been hard work but its paid off.
Ange, Jem and the girls…

progress update: 25/11/15

Hi Helen… time for an update I think.
After an angelic start Jem started to find his feet and push the boundaries.
He has been hard work and still has his moments but we will get there. I will never give up on him.
Nothing is safe… if it moves, he’ll have it, if he can reach it, he’ll have it.
The minute my back it turned he does something, then looks so guilty he gives himself away.
He knows its wrong but just can’t help it. However, he seems to have stopped stripping the sofa and wrecking my bed.
He hasn’t nibbled my slippers for ages and leaves them where I put them.
He is a bundle of energy, even after 4 hours exercise, a good 3 off lead he is still raring to go.
But if we all settle down so will he. Now the best bit… he has been going to school, two schools actually.
One is called Focus and Play and is designed for puppy’s. Well he thinks he is a puppy.
He loved it and was a great favourite with everyone. He did all the tasks and got a certificate of completion.
I have just heard there is a follow up so will enroll him for that.
He has also just passed his Beginners Obedience and next term starts his Intermediate 1.
In typical lurcher style he refused point blank to sit and hated the floor.
The day before the test I tried all sorts to get him sitting… no go.
On the day I didn’t do a thing and that evening he did the lot. He was incredible.
He even stayed sitting for the stay despite his rear end slowly slipping away from the front.
He did really well. Just how well I will find out in a couple of weeks at presentation night and will update you.
In one picture we have just emerged from zoomies in the woods and the other at Focus and Play.
The equipment wasn’t designed for such a long dog… His front is supposed to be on the contact…
He can be challenging, down right naughty, loving and adorable… he’s MY BOY….
Angela, Jem and the girls…

progress update: 28/8/15

Another first for Jem… a fun dog show.
Lots of hustle and bustle and dogs.
He took it all in his stride and took third place in Handsome Dog…
I think he should have come first :)
Here he is proudly sporting his rosette with his sisters…

progress update: 24/7/15

Hi Helen… Jem really is a gem.
His recall has come on in leaps and bounds.
He responds well to the whistle.
He is off lead in public now, meeting and greeting other dogs.
He barks quite a lot when with some dogs but I think he got that off Crystal.
We are working on that.
He is a thief. If you don’t want him to have it nail it down.
If I put it out of his reach I can’t reach.
So unfortunately I can’t leave him unattended in the house but he trots happily to his crate and he isn’t left for long… plus him and Saff are like two unruly pups.
I got the details back from Petlog when I changed the details and he was born 2013 so he is still a bit of a baby.
He is a delight to have and a joy to work with, not that we have done much work, just getting to know each other and the essentials.
School begins in October.
My house isn’t very big and its a bit like have a small pony but I can’t imagine not having him and he fits in so well with his girls and I just love him to bits…
Angela, Jem and the girls…
PS He is very determined and has now worked out how to fit on the chair… :)

progress update: 24/7/15

Hi Helen,
Well its been a week and he is an absolute delight.
They all travel together in the car, he has accepted the crate as his place.
At the moment I am still shutting him in at night but very soon I won’t have to do that.
I have left him for an hour in his crate and he is fine.
He knows his new name and responds in an instant and is responding when excited of distracted… not as quick but getting there.
He knows the feeding routine and is better at it than the girls.
As soon as the bowls come out he goes and sits by his table and is now staying without restraint until told he can have it.
He sits with hand command only and is learning to stay. He finds that hard as he so wants to be with me.
He is friends with everyone and everything.
He has only had one pop at a another dog and that one is muzzled because its aggressive so who knows what vibes it was giving off.
He was told that behaviour isn’t acceptable and will soon learn I protect him not the other way round.
He saw the husky’s lookalike and growled at that, again was checked. Male dogs no problem.
Small dogs no problem so long as he knows its a dog.
He would chase if he saw a small one running in the distance.
Don’t know what he would do when he caught up with it.
He was playing with four yesterday and he lay down to get to there level and they were climbing all over him.
I don’t think my other three would have tolerated that.
He can be a bit in your face, especially when your tea is on a tray, but silently and firmly pushing him away he gets the message and now goes to his crate when I eat.
His interest in the ferrets in waning and he doesn’t actually appear to have a killer instinct… unless he see’s a cat.
But I am sure most of the time he just wants to play. His mouth is very soft and he will give up anything if you ask.
He is one of the sweetest most lovable dogs I have had and so looking forward to working with him when school starts in October.
Oh, the legs are a problem… I think he forgets how long they are and they get a bit tangled… he is just adorable…
Angela & Jem, not forgetting his girlies.

PS he is yawning because I was taking to long with his breakfast :)

Bosco has now found a home !!

progress update: 8/6/15
Bosco aka Boss has settled in very well, few accidents to start with but clean in the house now :-)
quiet over night in the kitchen on his own, no chewing, walks well on lead, has been let off for a good run,
he wants to stay with you but we are working on recall when he is excited, is great with all my dogs,
he loves to run and play and even jumped in the water yesterday for a swim,
he’s putting on weight nicely, and loves a fuss made of him.

Bosco also arrived today from the same pound as Cracker and his time was up as well.
Bosco is a rough coated Lurcher and under a year old.
He is getting on very well with the other dogs and has with good nature put up with Sage’s enthusiastic greetings.
A lovely, lovely boy.
He also has cuddled up with the others for a sleep as he is quite tired after his journey.
More to follow as he settles in.