Tess ( a.k.a Noni )

Updated August 13, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 13/08/2018

5 years on.
She was named Noni but she is now my Tess and I love her x

Noni has now found a home !!


I’m off to Pets at Home at Branksome Saturday and Sunday with the beautiful Noni to sell Raffle Tickets in Aid of DAWGdogs, please pop along and buy some

progress update: 10/10/13

Noni queeens park 022

Hi just a quick update on Noni
Now we have had Noni a week this little girl is really starting to show her lovely personality
when she arrived last week Noni was a very timid little pup
she had no interest in playing and wanted nothing to do with my 3 other dogs
but now she is full of life always looking to play and has become well and truly
one of the gang especially on our walks where she is enjoying meeting other dogs and people.

Noni has a sweet nature she is calm and gentle loves everyone and
is always looking for a cuddle she would make a super family dog she travels well in the car
is clean and quiet in the house and to top it all she is beautiful what more could you ask.

progress update: 7/10/13

Noni at Pets at Home


Noni doing her stint at Pets At Home, she was such a good little girl and gave everyone fuss and kisses,
thanks to all those who brought tickets and came to say hello!

Noni at Pets at Home on Sunday

Noni practising for her Pets at Home shift,
Noni will be on duty selling Raffle Tickets for DAWG from 2 – 4 Sunday the 6th of October
please come and say Hello!


Another perfect night from Noni and she is starting to play this morning


Little Noni has settled in quite well since her arrival yesterday she loves everyone to bits but was very nervous of my other dogs and hid herself away from them as much as she could although this morning she has got into the routine of rushing about with the others and will happily follow them down the garden to bark at the imaginery Cats.
Noni had a clean and quiet night in her crate and has done all her toilet outside today so a good day all round she is a real sweetheart x


Noni is a 4 month old Collie Mix with a lovely nature