Brie, Molly and Jack

Updated August 20, 2017 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update on Jack: 20/8/17

I just wanted to say THANKYOU!!!!
You brought JACK back from Ireland with Mollie and Brie, three cute little bundles!!!!
He is now 8 years old!!!
After ruining our grass, biting off all the flower heads and sitting in the pots, chewing the odd items in the home,
he turned out to be the most well behaved, loving, funny, intelligent and loyal dog we could ever wish for!!!!
He is a pleasure, I run with him and he doesn’t leave my side!!!!
I look forward to hopefully many more years with him!!!

progress update on Jack: 3/5/11

progress update : 18th Oct 09

Brie, Molly and Jack have now all been rehomed !!!

progress update from Colin & Angela: 14tb Oct 09

Hi all,

Molly, Brie, Jack have been with us for over a week now and they are doing just fine.
All three pups will sit when asked and are crate trained ,they are clean at night asking once at about 1-2 am to be let out .
These pups are extremely friendly and loving little guys and are so bright I cant help but be proud of them.
We have had a few mishaps in the day time but in saying that they also know when they are put in the garden and asked to go be clean ,they will.
With time, training and love all three pups are going to be amazing I just hope we humans will be as loyal to them as they are going to be to you.
If you are interested in adopting you had better be quick as they are ready for adoption as from next week.

Brie, Molly and Jack are three 5 week old Collie mix pups.