Bubbles (a.k.a IrresistaBubble)

Updated October 2, 2013 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 2/10/13


Bubbles (on the right) has been with me for two a half weeks now,
and is settling in well both at home and in the office,
where she gets lots of attention from the people who pop in throughout the day.
She is getting on really well with Nellie (on the left),
who was also a DAWG dog this time last year!

Bubbles is slowly getting used to the outside world,
and has just about stopped shaking and panic barking at the sight of trees,
logs, gates, stumps, stones and so on!!
She is really enjoying two walks off the lead everyday, out in the countryside,
away from other people and dogs so she has a chance to get used to everything else first.

She is starting obedience classes soon, which will undoubtably involve a lot of noise on her part,
but will teach her how to deal with ‘strange’ dogs and should give her confidence.
She is delighting in playing with toys and all sorts of tiny things
(sticks, plastic, leaves, buttons and so on) she finds and gathers together in her bed.

All in all a wonderful little being who is doing fantastically well
– she’s even lost weight – already!
Thanks DAWG for being there when she needed you (twice now!) and for letting her come to live with Nels and I!

progress update: 17/9/12

She’s had a busy two days!!
Four long walks off the lead (new for her) and a newly-clipped face.
We also rescued a ferret on the heath today, and she didn’t try to eat it!
No problems settling in with Nellie – getting on really well.
Bubbly little lady, will be a total star once trained and used to everyday sounds and sights!
Thanks DAWG

progress update: 15/9/13

I was lucky enough to rehome Bubbles today, and she is currently fast asleep after an afternoon of walks and getting used to her new surroundings.
She’ll make a brilliant companion to Nels, who was rehomed with me last year.
Shall update everyone in a couple of weeks when she’s settled in!

progress update: 14/9/13

Bubbles has now found a home !!

Bubbles is about to go to a new home with Nico who adopted Ellie from us.

bubblesThis is Bubbles who has sadly been returned to the Rescue due to her previous owners ill health,

she is about 2 years old very sweet natured

she is chipped, vaxed and spayed

progress update: 12/8/12

Little miss Bubble has settled down nicely with us,she lacks a few
social skills but is keen to improve her manners,she is still young.
She has a huge appetite and will eat anything offered. Bubbles is ten
months old and gets o great with the other dogs.
We have had her clipped as her hair was badly matted.