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progress update: 9/07/2017

Nearly 10 years since we adopted Buddy……..can never thank you enough for our gorgeous crazy boy!

” We adopted Buddy 7 months ago and were warned that he had had a difficult past and so could be quite fearful – particularly of kitchens, noises and men.
His foster family had done a marvellous job with him and even on day one with us showed very little fear of his new ‘Dad’ although clearly felt more comfy with his new ‘Mum’ and followed her about constantly (and still does!!). He took a while to feel happy in the kitchen but within a short time was coping well even with the dishwasher & tumble dryer – although he still wishes that his ‘Mum’ would empty the dishwasher more quietly!!

On day 2 his ‘Dad’ bought him a new, quite expensive, bed (a little begrudgingly and moaned at the cost – saying he hoped Buddy would use it!!). Buddy showed his appreciation and curled up in it straight away – and has slept in it every night since and every other chance he gets!

In the house he has been the easiest dog from day one, is always obedient, and never barks. He was very noisy on walks – but as our dog walking confidence has grown so has his and he now walks quietly – until we go to the park where he LOVES to chase balls and say ‘hi’ to his doggy friends.

His other favorite place is the beach – he is an absolute water dog and finds any puddle no matter how muddy!! So when he sees the sea he is straight in and swimming for all his worth.

He is incredibly affectionate, great company, and very funny.

Buddy is a truly wonderful dog, he’s fitted into our life so easily, and we wouldn’t be without him! “