Carly / Carli

Updated April 30, 2012 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Carly has now found a home !!

progress update: 30/4/12

Update for Helen, Carli had the op to pin her leg and has been a very good patient.
She’s had dressing off today and a few stitches out.
We need to ensure she doesn’t do too much to give her leg a chance to heal…
which we hope it will in time as she’s a little star and loved very much!

progress update: 21/4/12

Quick update…Carli (now ending i to match all our other animals) is settling well and has been very good.
She’s got our rescued greyhound Addi for company and the three cats Ozi, Oli and Bili.
She loves to play football in the garden with the girls, has been quiet at night and very well behaved…
thank you to foster mum Tanya Bishop for giving her a great start :)

Hello Everyone! My name is Carly.
I am a beautiful friendly little girl and I am about 4 months old.
I behave very well with other dogs, children and cats. I am clean and quiet in my crate overnight and am a quick learner.
I am looking for a family to give me lots of love and cuddles x
Lots of love, Carly x x x