Charlie Brown

Updated September 13, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 13th Sep

Hi Helen,
Sue asked me to send you these pictures.

Charlie is now a good friend and neighbour to our one year old Border Terrier “Bertie”

(seen also in the photo, with other local friends Edison the OES puppy,
Millie, Jasper & Buddy all rescued Westies,Goldies, & Heinz 57’s)

and we look forward to many happy ‘walkies’ together.
Best wishes Debbie.

progress update: 2nd Sep

Sue has decided to keep Charlie !!

progress update from Sue: 1st Sep

I took them to badbury rings this morning, and
he took off like a bat from hell!!…..but he came back. phew.
My next door neighbour Debbie, has a border terrier, who was
hopeless at coming back, and she had lessons on clicker training,
recall etc; She is going to help me with the long lead she has (30
metres long), and she reckons we’ll be able to get him to come back
more easily by taking him out on an empty stomach, and having good
treats like homemade liver cake etc;
She is an A and E nurse, and she reckons the sneezing might be a
grass seed up one nostril, as he has no temperature. I will be taking
him to the vet tomorrow for examination.
Debbie reckons when he puts on a bit of weight, he won’t be quite so
fast. She thinks he’s a great little dog, and will get on with her
Bertie (terrier)

progress update from Sue: 31st Aug

Hi Helen,
We took Charley to Whitecliff, after leaving you. He had a lovely
time. We let him off the lead, and he came back quite easily!
He gets on well with Curly, and he has spent the afternoon exploring
the garden, and generally getting used to his new home. He is very
responsive, and lisens to commands, and I think he will be quite easy
to train, as he is young enough, and bright enough to take it all in.
He pulls a bit on the lead, but nothing I can’t handle. all in all
we think he is a smashing dog (Dave is smitten too!)