Updated April 1, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, success stories, successfully rehomed.


“He is a very lively dog, and a little boisterous at times, but with such a wonderful nature about him, with a tail that never stops wagging!

He is in love with everyone and everything he meets, and seems to view life as one big adventure.

Due to his unusual markings, he is the centre of attention wherever we take him, which cliffy thrives on!

Everyone falls in love with him.

He particularly likes his walks on the forest, and his daily swim in the local pond, he just loves water.

Any puddle, stream etc he is straight in there, so its ideal that we live on the forest for him to play so often.

He is getting on well with the cat, though the cat is not quite so keen!

As I write, he is curled up asleep on the sofa with the log burner going, worn out from a day at home with Kelly.

He is an absolute pleasure to have around, the best company, and we couldn’t have wished for a nicer, so well adjusted dog, and can’t thank DAWG enough for giving us the opportunity to offer Cliff a home.

Best rgds,
Carl and Kelly”