Updated November 14, 2010 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 14/11/10

Coco has now found a home !!

progress update: 7/11/10

Hi Helen,

Just thought I would send you an update and a few pictures of Coco and my gang, first off she is still doing very well with her socialising outside with other dogs, she’s wonderful in the house and her playful character has really started to show itself, she loves a game of tug or a chase with the ball, she’s very happy to hand over any of her toys and shows no possessive behaviour at all this also includes her food so she really is a sweetie, her favourite evening pastime is to curl up on any available lap, which even includes my husband much to his delight, she also loves her cuddles and hands out plenty of kisses in return.


progress update from Niki

Quiet and Clean
Happy to go in her Crate
Quiet all night

Pulls on the lead but getting better
Seemed to have very little social skills regarding other dogs, but has come on leaps and bounds, can still be a bit iffy with certain dogs if they get in her face, ie she can have a little snap, but is happy to greet and walk on.
No off lead work done as yet, but she adores my girls and is very keen to be part of the gang

As good as gold sits in her crate on the back seat and enjoys looking out of the window.

She has been an absolute delight to have around, she adores the company of the other dogs particularly Tilly, and they have become firm friends, she is benefiting a huge amount from being with the girls, especially on our walks.
We have met many dogs over the last few days and she is becoming more confident and doesn’t feel the need to defend herself first, she’s now happy to have a sniff and be nice.

Personality-wise she’s very sweet and we have all come to adore her, she’s a feisty little character typical terrier; the first night here she had a grumble at my 13 year old when he tried to move her, so she was removed from the sofa and put in her place, it has’nt happened again so shes
willing to listen to what she’s being told, shes also happy to give up things that she’s not supposed to have.