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progress update: 21/08/2019

Hi Helen,
I hope that all is well, I don’t know if you still like updates after so long but I just wanted to let you know that all is fab with Desmond!
What a special boy he is.

progress update: 11/10/2017

Just a quick one. He is a delight and pleasure! So much energy.
He has started to quieten down a tiny bit and having a cuddle with Greg in the sofa.
He has found some dogs toys!! He loves a monkey one that we have and has been running around the house with it in his mouth and playing catch in the garden!
He is hilarious. Thank goodness we have fenced everywhere as he has so far jumped over our sofa.
Can’t wait to walk and run with him. Bella and him are quite well and no problems.
He has been told off once by Bella, which is when Bella sat with me on the sofa and he has already learnt not to bother her when she is having her time.

Desmond has now found a home !!

We had a lovely time fostering Desmond this weekend.
He is nervous with new people and new dogs but very sweet when you get to know him.
He has loads of energy and enjoyed our trip to Studland yesterday!

Desmond is a year old Hungarian Puli.
Lovely dog who gets on very well with other dogs, has lived with children and a cat.

He was rather matted and had to go for a short back and sides to relieve him of these matts.
He is a lot happier now without the extra weight he was carrying with these matts.
A Hungarian Puli’s coat is a difficult one to manage and his coat will be better to keep shorter.