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progress update: 14/08/2019

It is Got Gizmo day today!
Already 2 years since we popped to Helen’s and picked him up.
We’ve celebrated with a squirrel search and a sleep.
He is my best pal and just the best medicine.
Thank you Helen for all the work you do with your team DAWG dogs to help the dogs that help us

progress update: 19/08/2018

It is our “Got Gizmo Day” today!
It is one year since we picked him up from Helen.
We can’t remember life before he came along.
He is a sociable pup and has brought us many adventures.
I will always know if there is a squirrel near by!

progress update: 17/09/2017

Quick update on Gizmo!
He’s been with us for 6 weeks and we can’t remember life without him!
A friendly and gentle pup who is interested in pretty much everything.
Life is good!

Gizmo has now found a home !!

Gizmo is a pleasure to have here at the Rescue.
He gets on so well with all the other dogs and all the people and their dogs that he meets out on his walks.
He went off lead for the first time yesterday and really was very good but does need a little more training on his stays when getting out of the car.
Gizmo is around 18 months old and a Collie mix.