Updated July 6, 2010 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Dido has now been rehomed !!

Hi, my name is Dido and I am 8 months old.
Somewhere in my genes is a GSD and a Collie so I have very good ancestry getting the best of two types of dogs.
I am the size of a Collie so not too big. I love the company of other dogs and people and also love food so as often as I can get away with it steal any food I can.
Jeff who is fostering me had left a loaf of bread that he made to prove and I very nearly managed to get it but he heard the tin hit the floor and caught me out.
Helen said it was a good job too when Jeff told her as rising bread in my tummy would of made me very ill indeed.
I do like the taste of furniture so please understand I am at that age when I like to chew.
I am good off the lead and have lovely walks with Jeff and his five dogs in the forest and then we all retire for a good run around his paddock.

All in all life is good here but Jeff can’t have six dogs so a home is on the cards for me.