Dooley's Bragging and Gloating

Updated November 4, 2008 Categories: Rocco's diary.

This entry has been written by Rocco who has become exasperated

enough with Dooley to try and tell the internet about how he really is !

Dooley is just impossible ever since I was in the Echo he has taken the mick out of me.
Now he is to be in the Echo he talks about it endlessly, Yak, Yak and more Yak.
It is so boring to hear him bragging and preening himself.
Anyone would think that he is the first dog to be in the Echo which of course he isn’t.
I was there when the photographer came to take photos of him at
the Rec and I remember her laughing at his long tongue hanging from
his mouth as he chased the ball.

At least I had the sense to keep my tongue in my mouth when my photo was taken.
He sits and holds court with all the new dogs that arrive and has them
enthralled with his long and tedious and repetitive stories about The
Day The Echo Took My Photo, I yawn and go to sleep.
Mind you after a couple of days they too yawn and go to sleep once he starts.
I expect he will save up his Bonio money to buy extra copies to sign and give out.
Thank goodness I am going to Claire’s this weekend and won’t have
to listen to him for a couple of days.