Dooley Drives the Volvo

Updated November 4, 2008 Categories: Dooley's diary.

Today I thought I would surprise Helen.
We went for a bit of ball throwing which I love.
I particularly love to catch the ball before Rocco and then run off with it.
This infuriates him and is worth every extra minute of me running
really fast with Rocco in hot pursuit.
I have been watching the flyball on TV and have taken a keen interest in this sport, not in the way
that men become ridiculous over football and completely obsessed by this pointless game, I know that I could be really very good at fly ball.
The ball interests me so much that I have completely forgotten that I used to like to chase cyclists and runners.
I drop to the ground, wait for the ball and off I go at super fast pace.
Sometimes Helen tries to trick me by pretending to throw it one way and then another,
I’m getting wise to this trick.
Helen says that now I have the job of chasing the ball I have given up some of my other less popular jobs.
I’m much better when meeting other dogs and people out now and pay them no attention at all unless of course it is a pretty lady and then I fluff up my tail and run really fast so she can see how fit I am.
No dates as of yet but I live in hope.

Anyway back to me driving the Volvo.
After our walk we went for a drive in the car and just to show how good I am I lay down in the foot well and had a snooze.
We then went to meet Tom at Companion Care who has kindly offered to help the rescue with the neutering scheme and Helen took us in with her and I sat quietly in the waiting room.
This is also an improvement for me, I even licked Tom’s hand and when a noise
startled me instead of reverting back to my old habit of nipping someone
I looked at Helen who told me to be still and I was!!
Which is a BIG step forward for me.
After our visit we went back to the car and I had another snooze.
On the way home we stopped at the Rec again and had more ball throwing,
then we were bundled back into the car and went to the shops.
Helen had to pop into a shop to pick up some dog food and
I could see from her face that she was quite worried about leaving me
in charge of the car.
In the past I would run from back to front and eat it but today much to Helen’s delight when she came back to the car I was sitting in the driving seat in a calm and grown up manner.
I’ve seen children doing this when their parents leave them in charge of
the car but instead of hooting the horn and turning the steering wheel
from side to side I went one better and sat there like a responsible
driver and ignored all distractions.
I am thinking of taking my driving test next so wish me luck!