Dudley has now found a home !!

progress update: 11/12/23

Dudley has been with us a while now and is still looking for a home.
He is such a softie who loves a cuddle.
He gets on with everyone he meets out on his walks with Jane and Bob.
Today, he and Nelly were out all day for a walk and back at Jane’s house for a couple of hours at the end.

Dudley arrived very thin with ribs showing.
Now under the care of his foster home he is glossy coated and back up to the weight he should be.

This update on him has come from them:-
Dudley is eating well, and enjoying himself.
Johnny took him for another run yesterday, and will do so again on Monday.
He is young so trying to teach him the basics, nervous in traffic but shall work on it.
He is a bit of a tea-leaf with food on table tops- we have got wise to him now!
Tears things up if given the chance…
Very loving, and absolutely no aggression at all.
A lovely dog