Lurchy the lurcher (a.k.a Ed)

Updated June 16, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 17/06/2020

Had Lurchie six months.
He’s certainly got his little paws under the table.

progress update: 26/11/2019

After a year with the Rescue Lurch found his perfect home with Bill and Christine and their other ex-DAWGdogs.
Looking really quite settled and happy if this photo is anything to go by!

Lurchy has now found a home!!

progress update: 30/09/2019

progress update from Kelly: 26/05/2019

Ed the lurcher has a whole new image! He has been with my gang for a while and is now ready for his forever home.
Unfortunately he is very fearful of other dogs when out and about, and shows this by barking and pulling on the lead.
He has been to a 2 day dog reactivity workshop, and we are attending updates to continue his training.
He has improved immensely, but is not completely ‘fixed’. Therefore he needs an experienced patient owner that will continue with this.
Part of his make over is a new name, which has become Lurch, or Lurchy, which he loves and is very responsive to.
Despite his fearfulness he has many good points that totally outweigh the negative.
He is an absolute gentleman in the house, 100% clean, crate trained, well mannered and generally a very polite, calm, cheerful boy.
He loves playing with my dogs or happily amuses himself with toys.
He is a typical sighthound that will happily snooze the day away on the sofa after a short burst of exercise or play.
Lurch is approximately 3 yers old, vaccinated, neutered and in good health!
He seems to get a lot of confidence from my own dogs, so would probably like dog company in his new home, but absolutely no small furries.
He enjoys rural walks where he has space from other dogs, but would not enjoy busy residential areas at this time.

Ed (named after Ed Sheeran as apparently he was on the radio at the time of choosing a name!) is a lovely, affectionate, gentle lurcher boy, about 2 1/2 years old.
He has been a perfect house guest with his foster brothers Taylor and Snoop.
He is house-trained, gentle on the lead, happy in his crate and good in the car.
Desperate to play with his mates but unfortunately Taylor and Snoop can’t really be bothered!
Ed loves a cuddle and will try and sneak on to the sofa given half the chance.