Lulu (aka Lexi) and Ollie

Updated June 17, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 17/06/2020

Thought you might like to see Ollie who came to live with us in 2011!
He is an absolutely gorgeous boy – and we all love him to bits!
He’s completely bonkers so he fits in perfectly with the rest of us!!
First pic is the day we brought him home!!! X

progress update on Lexi (now Lulu): 17/12/11

Hi as you can see LuLu (lexi) Has had her final jabs and is out and about, she has been down to the beach ( Great Fun) and into the forest met a lot of dogs.
She has already really settled in and is one of the family.

Lexi and Ollie have now found homes !!

progress update: 18/11/11

just an update and some more photos.
They are settling well and get on with Patches, they are learning very quickly and can sit on command for a treat.
Ollie and Lexi love their cuddles.
They are both very food orientated so training should be easy.
Two very adorable puppies who wont be around long.
They are paper trained.

Hi, We are bundles of puppy fun we have heard it said.
Helen seemed quite relieved when Tracy came to take us home to her house.
She had to bleach all the kitchen cupboards after we had left as they were covered in poopy, dog prints.
We are staying with Patches another DAWGdog who is patiently keeping us amused.
We are a mix Mum being a Labradoodle and Dad a Boxer.
Both our parents had gentle personalities which we have inherited.

Lexi and Ollie have now found homes !!