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progress update : 8th Mar 09

Hello Helen,

Thought I would drop you an email to let you know how Ella is getting on.
Her passport is now underway and we have had her checked by the vets and she has a clean bill of health.
She still has her nervous moments, but we are hoping with time she will grow out of this with lots of reassurance.
She loves the new forest, we went up there last weekend for the day and spent five hours walking around and playing with her.
I have attached some photos of her antics maybe for your website so other fosterers can see.
Somebody enjoys puddles very much, she likes to pounce on them and scoop them in her mouth and then proceed to make us all wet.
We have grown very attached to Ella and can’t see life without her now.
She is such a fantastic dog and if it had not been for you and others like you, we may never have found this out.

Keep up the good work.

Tina Lacey

progress update: 5th Feb 09

Ella has now found a home !!

progress update: 27th Jan 09

I stayed at Claire’s this weekend.
She came to collect me. She has a crate in the back of the car. I knew what to do, I’ve seen these before. I jumped in and settled down for the ride.
Claire said I was well behaved in the car.
It took me a little while to settle in when we got to the house. Claire took me into the garden on the lead and let me have a look around the house until I decided I would sit in the kitchen and watch her every move from the comfort of the door mat.

I was allowed in the lounge after dinner. A fleecy blanket had been put out for me to lie on so I lay on it. I think I’m too big for the settee. Shame!
Claire said I was good. (See there is a theme starting here?)
I like lots of affection, so every now and again I got up to ask Claire or Mark if they would mind giving my ears a tickle or give my back a scratch. They happily obliged. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.
We went for a walk. I like to be in front. I think I lost points here, even though I did sit patiently when they stopped for a coffee.

I noticed later that Claire likes to stay up late watching movies. I thought I should set an example. When she went to make a drink I took myself off to bed without being told. The crate was open and the blankets looked cosy so I was pretty sure that was my bed.
Claire was surprised. I am the first dog she hasn’t had to encourage or bribe into the crate. She didn’t even have to say ‘bedtime’.
I didn’t squeak or cry during the night. I heard Helen tell Claire she thought I might but I didn’t.
Claire said I was as good as gold!

We got on very well for the rest of the weekend. I had to wear a gentle leader on walks which I wasn’t very keen on but I didn’t make a fuss. I got extra treats and praise for wearing it.
I liked it when we went to play in the garden with the ball. Sometimes I brought it back, sometimes I didn’t. I had fun just bouncing around.

I was given some toys to play with indoors. I know not to bounce around the house so I played a bit just to humour Claire. Indoors is for tummy tickles and cuddles and snoozing on the blanket.
Apparently I have very good dog manners (apart from pulling on the lead), I am clean in the house and I am a welcome guest anytime!

Ella is a year old german shepherd cross.

She is very gentle and gets on well with other dogs.