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Ella has now found a home !!


Long walks, cuddles, sleeping on the sofa, other small dogs, her toys, playing fetch, car rides (shortish) and coffee!

Dislikes –

Being left for long periods of time, mushrooms.

I eat anything food wise apart from Bakers as it upsets my tummy and I don’t like mushrooms.
If you leave your coffee around I will drink it ! I am trained to play, fetch,always bring the ball back to your feet.
I always enjoy fetch but also love playing football just don’t let me have the ball to long I try to chew it.
I don’t chew shoes but enjoy slippers.
I am also trained to sit, lie down, give my paw, wait, leave it and any other normal commands.
I also love playing tug of war and play fight but I can get little over excited.
I can be protective especially of women but love everybody who gives me a cuddle.

Ella has now found a home !!

Comment on June 26th, 2011.

She looks lots of fun, good luck Ella x

hayley merrick
Comment on August 30th, 2011.

Just to let you know Ella has settled in well at her new home she is enjoying the company of our 2yr old collie and she has had her first agility lesson tonight and has done very well. We hope Sat goes well and we hope to be able to make it. Hayley