Nellie ( a.k.a Ellie)

Updated March 31, 2019 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 13/04/2019

Little Nellie (Ellie when she came to me from DAWG) has sadly crossed the bridge today as a result of old age.
Companion to Bubbles for the last few years, she was a beautiful, gentle, fun little soul and will be very, very dearly missed by us.

progress update: 30/4/13

It has now been several months since Nellie (was Ellie) came home with Roly and I,
and she has really started to settle in and come out of her shell!
She really has become a lively little character, and has lost a lot of the nervousness she had.
Here she is on Studland Beach this weekend (she’s in the background), grinning as she runs along with Roly.
Thank you so much DAWG – she’s a wonderful little lady