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progress update: 31/03/2019

We gave Bella a home probably about 10/11 years ago, thank you Dawg.

She came over from Ireland and over the years brought so much happiness into our lives
A few days ago, beautiful Bella, crossed the Rainbow bridge, I was totally heartbroken.

Her body became weary and it was time to let her go with dignity.
She’s running free now and free from pain

progress update: 26th Aug

Tricia has kindly sent us this update on Bella:

Bella is doing fine here, she is lovely, so gentle and loving.

She is fantastic off the lead as well as on and has certainly bonded with me very quickly.

She is lovely.

P.S. Have attached photo of Bella swimming, she swims really well now,
no lead needed!

progress update: 21st July

Hi Helen.
Just thought I’d email you to give you an update on Bella on how she is adapting to her new home.
Well, so far so good. Bella seems pretty content here.
Mia, as you know, is much the puppy and pounds all over Bella.
Bella has put Mia in her place a few times (good for her!)
We are now hoping that Mia will get the message.
Later this afternoon, Tony and I will take them both to the beach.

I am going to attach some photos, one of which was taken in the back
of the car and the others, you will see is, tug-of-war.

We bought the bed for Mia, however she has never used it, Bella finds
it real comfy though :+)
Kind regards.

progress update: 13th July

Bella will be going to her new home with Tricia tomorrow !

progress update: 6th July
Bella is staying with Jenny who kindly sent in this update:

During the past 7 days Bella has responded very well to training.
I let her off the kead on Day 3……..and she hasn’t let me down yet.
Her recall is excellent. She is friendly with all dogs, has a short game, but soon comes back.
She is very good walking on the lead…..and never pulls.
To begin with she was nervous of all traffic, but now it’s only noisy motorbikes, rattly lorries or bicycles coming too close.
Tesco frightened her with noisy trolleys. However, I can see an improvement daily.
Getting in, and being in the car, was a problem…..however yesterday and today she happily jumped into the back of my estate…..and even sat looking out of the window, instead of cowering.
Basic commands, even to sit, she didn’t know or had forgotten.

One problem was keeping her away from me cooking in the kitchen.
Also, when we are eating, she used to get so close she almost eat my food before it got to my mouth.
We’ve had a few mishaps.
She took, and chewed, a wooden ornament from the mantel-piece, also a flower arrangement.
She has managed to eat a few snacks whenever we have forgotten to put them away properly.
She has also chewed three of my dog leads, not badly, but I guess she has bad memories of being tied up (note – this happened whilst I was talking to friends) .
However she is totally house-trained, going in the garden………..and typical collie……going in the long grass.

The only real problem is that she is still very anxious of being left…….or shut in.
This afternoon was the first time she stayed to eat her meal on her own, without coming to find me several times.
She does retrieve a ball, but only for about 5 times.
She enjoys a paddle in the river……but soon comes to sit on me, or by me, for a cuddle.

She is a gentle and lovely dog. I really want her to find a loving home