Updated April 22, 2009 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 22nd Apr 09

Andy and Jo have offered Ellie a permanent home with them.

They say that they want her life to be as enjoyable as possible for as long as she has left.
We would like to thank them for giving Ellie a home

progress update: 21st Apr 09

Ellie arrived from Ireland having already had a scan which revealed a kidney stone needing removal.
This was removed and she was spayed at the same time.
Ellie has been used only for breeding all her life and as a result of this her health has suffered. We have now discovered that she is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other.
She is also nearly deaf.
We are awaiting the results of a diabetes test.
Andy and Jo , who are fostering her and who took her to the vet as they were concerned about her health, are going to look after her until a home can be found.
If not, she will be going back to Ireland to live with Tessa.

We would like to thank Andy and Jo for looking after Ellie and for caring about her so much.

progress update: Apr 19th 09

Ellie arrived at the Rescue yesterday, more details and photos soon!

This is Ellie, she’s turned out to be the nicest dog, brilliant on walks off the lead in the forest,
or on the beach, & comes the second she is called.
Typical sunny springer nature & she’ll play ball for hours , just dropping it gently at your feet if you are busy doing something else [ even washing up at the sink ]
she’d be brilliant with children & is ok with dogs & now fine with cats