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progress update: 28th Nov

Fen has gone to his new home today !!

I am only 6 months old and had spent several weeks wandering on my own.
I ran across the road and was hit by a car so when I was found my tail was quite mangled.
I know this because I heard people talking about the serious injury to my tail,
I went to sleep and when I woke up my tail had gone and so had the pain.
I stayed with a kind lady who looked after me and not long after I was picked up and taken onto a very big thing they call a ferry.
After a long car journey we arrived at a house and I was carried inside, where there was other dogs.
I was extremely frightened at first and hid but after a while a black and white collie who was very excited and looked a bit like me asked me what my name was.
I told him I didn’t know and he said I would be given a name soon and he was in charge.
His name was Dooley and there was another dog there called Rocco who just sort of smirked and said I’d better not play his cds.
I don’t know what a cd is so I don’t think I will.
Dooley has told me it is his job to teach me my dog manners and he has a couple of times today already!!
Though I didn’t think that I was doing anything wrong.
Dooley said “That’s just so you know and it’s for your own good no-one likes an unruly pip squeak.” He’s seems to be mellowing and has played with me since.
I heard Helen laughing and saying to someone that Dooley was sussing out which of the dogs he could get away this behaviour with.
She told him to behave and strangely enough he seemed to listen to her.
Dooley says she has a soft spot for him because she says he is crazy but she loves him anyway.
He seemed to like this and hopes that she will buy him a special star collar.
I don’t know what the special star collar is but I think Rocco might tell me once he has stopped smirking.
I’ve been told by the people at the rescue I’m very sociable and will make some family a nice companion but also I heard them say that this works both ways and that the family must also meet muster and make me a good family.
I need a bit of training but don’t know what training is but I am sure I will find out soon.
The food is not bad here and I was very hungry by Sunday, we didn’t get anything to eat when we arrived as Helen said our stomachs were upset from the long journey and she didnt want to overload our systems with food.
Today we had lots of food.
Helen had to stand in front of me to stop me from eating everyone else’s.
Well you know for a long time I had to beg for scraps so a chap gets into the habit of grabbing whatever is going free!

Fen is a  6 month old collie pup.

Found very emaciated with a mangled tail as a result of being hit by a car.

Vets were unable to save his tail which had to be amputated

He is good with everyone but will need training