Fizzy, Chloe, Murphy ( a.k.a Buster) and Tilly

Updated March 22, 2009 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Fizzy, Chloe, Murphy and Tilly have now all been rehomed !!

progress update on Chloe: 2nd Sep 09

Hi Helen .
Chloe is the sweetest pup going she is EVERYTHING you
would want in a pup .
She is crate trained at night and if I go out in the day
she will complain for about 5mins then just settle down and go for her
sleep ,Chloe will cry to get let out in the night if she needs the
She is 75/80 percent clean in the day , she will sit
when asked before she has her food, she couldn’t care less if any of
my other dogs eat from her bowl with her and
she takes her treats so gently from you.

Chloe LOVES her cuddles whether it be with one of our
other dogs or one of us humans. Chloe plays plays plays then goes for
her sleep she is the easiest pup I’ve ever had in all the years I’ve
been fostering .

Chloe is now 11 weeks old and her forever home is
missing out on so much of this fun time when pups are finding out who
they are and all the mischief they get up to until they know what is
right and wrong.

AND believe me she makes us laugh every day with her antics!

Colin & Angela Mannings

progress update on Buster ( now known as Murphy ) 22nd Mar 09

Hi Helen

Just thought I would drop a quick note to let you know that we have
named our puppy Murphy after the Irish in him not the drink !!

He seems to have settled in just fine, his real character is starting
to shine through and he now knows his name probably cause we are
always calling him away from the plants / blinds / shoes etc sometimes
he listens sometimes he doesnt, we have managed to train him to sit
for toys/ treats/ meals which he is really good at 95% of the time, it
is only two weeks today so we are most impressed.

We cant wait to be able to take him out 2nd injection booked for
tomorrow and allowed out Thursday 26th March, he has been very spoilt
with gifts from family & friends and very much looking forward to long
walks with them and their dogs.

Not having too much success with toilet training but crate training go
well he seems fine to be left for short periods and feel so much more
relaxed that we wont come home to find he has hurt himself whilst
getting into mischief.

Heres a couple of pictures from last weekend whilst in the garden
enjoying the sunshine and getting into mischief which seems to be his

Thanks so much

Jamie, Sue & Murphy Chevers

progress update: 19th Mar 09

All the pups have now been rehomed !!

progress update:  1st Mar 09

The pups are now here !





There are four pups arriving which have just been rescued from Ireland, where they were living on a farm and getting run over on the road

( Two more were killed today which is why these four have now been rescued)

More details and photos of them all soon !